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We design a unified plan to help you achieve your business and personal goals and provide direction at every step, guiding you toward greater financial freedom.

financial services for you and your business

At MRZ Financial, we understand that multi-faceted financial situations require an integrated approach. MRZ Financial offers financial guidance, investment, and insurance services that speak to your whole financial picture, not simply one piece of it.  We provide service grounded in an integrated planning approach that addresses the complex intersections of life’s personal tax, investment, estate, business and other planning needs.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning

Wealth is a meaningful tool to reach goals, from supporting loved ones to a comfortable retirement. Whatever your end goals are, our process helps you achieve them by starting with your passions and values first and culminates in an individualized plan to help you get to YOUR financial freedom. Our experienced professionals can help you effectively address personal, estate, retirement, and business succession planning needs.

Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance & Risk Management

Insurance & risk management 

What happens in the event of the unexpected? Insurance, both business and personal, serves as a safeguard for the unexpected. MRZ Financial professionals understand the risks business owners take, and where sophisticated insurance solutions can help mitigate those risks. They help you find insurance that supports your goals and help ensure the unexpected won’t derail your business.

Business Retirement Plans

Business Retirement Plans

business retirement plans

Retirement planning is a critical piece of everyone’s financial picture. We can support your business’ retirement plan, whether it be a 401(k), 403(b), or other employee benefit plan from start to finish. We can help you choose the right fit for your employees, implement the plan and work with your individual employees to assist them in reaching their retirement goals.  

A process set apart

MRZ Financial realizes that your wealth and wealth building is not about money, it’s about what the money funds. Is it seeing the rare and wonderful? Helping a child buy their first home? Building a business legacy? Funding philanthropic goals? Are you not quite sure?

Our advisors lead you through a process to:

  • Identify your passions and the wealth needed to fund those passions
  • Analyze your assets and potential growth areas
  • Design a plan that creates and manages your wealth, providing optimal impact

We start with people and their passions. We help identify possibilities and goals. Then we plan and manage to those goals. All with your needs guiding the process to get you to your financial freedom.

MRZ Financial Process
Fixing a Broken System


We believe the system is broken. That too often a business owner or individual’s financial plan is a mess of myriad advisors unaware of the planning and strategy outside of their area of expertise. Or worse, that they pay lip service to you, sell you an investment or insurance product for their own gain, and never follow up on your changing needs. MRZ Financial is a fiduciary, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. MRZ takes a closer look into 7 key areas, supported by CPAs and advisors, to create a comprehensive, holistic plan to assist you in reaching your goals.

These range from the business to personal and include:

  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax Strategy
  • Assurance Requirements
  • Accounting & Advisory Functions
  • Valuation Considerations
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