Business Succession Planning

A Holistic Approach
to Succession Planning

What will happen to your business when you exit? Will you sell to family, employees or a third party? Do you need your business sale to fund your retirement? MRZ Financial advisors take a holistic approach to business succession planning. We start with your personal and business goals and develop a solid exit plan to achieve them.

Our approach takes the following areas into consideration:
  • Tax implications of the sale or gifting of your business
  • Key value components and assets (employees, proprietary software/processes, etc.)
  • Purchase price goals and ways to reach the desired target
  • Special circumstances related to a forced exit (bankruptcy or liquidation)

For expert guidance and assistance creating your optimal exit plan, contact the MRZ Financial team today.


Process and Tools

what makes MRZ FINANCIAL different

Your financial life is important. Period. The wealth you build funds your passions and your legacy. We lead you through a process to identify what is most important to you, the wealth needed to fund your goals, and then design a plan that helps give you the freedom to enjoy your wealth and your life.