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Investment Management

From the constant clamoring of the financial media to advice from family and friends, identifying the best way to manage your investments can be a challenge. MRZ Financial combines qualitative and quantitative data with proven investing methods to create diversified portfolios that meet your individual risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals. We also utilize experienced, trustworthy account custodians (Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade) to hold securities and provide transparency through regular, detailed statements.

Our Process

Our investment management experts start by discussing your short- and long-term goals, as well as investment preferences and their risks and rewards. Using proprietary tools, we run diagnostics and individualized trade-off analysis to better understand investment priorities and risk tolerances. Once we’ve created your customized portfolio, we review it regularly and adjust as necessary to stay on track and meet your goals. Plus, you’ll have constant access to your investment performance with our digital, user-friendly reporting tools.

How We Help Investors

  • Diversifying Investment Portfolios
  • Managing Risks and Returns
  • Strategically Allocating Assets
  • Minimizing Tax Burdens
  • Reviewing and Rebalancing Portfolios
  • Providing Transparency Through Digital Reporting Tools

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what makes MRZ FINANCIAL different

Your financial life is important. Period. The wealth you build funds your passions and your legacy. We lead you through a process to identify what is most important to you, the wealth needed to fund your goals, and then design a plan that helps give you the freedom to enjoy your wealth and your life.