MRZ Financial Process

A New Approach to Financial Planning

Our leadership team saw what we believed to be two key issues in how the financial industry served clients, so we tore down the traditional model used at many firms and rebuilt it to better serve you. Here's how we’ve dared to be different:



Often times investment advisors begin with retirement goals, numbers, and industry jargon, while overlooking the personal motivations and financial behaviors that influence your financial life. Through the use of sophisticated profiling tools, we first seek to understand your unique financial instincts as well as the underlying values that drive your decision-making. Once this groundwork is laid, we can then begin developing a plan that helps satisfy not only your financial goals, but also supports the things that are most important to you. 




Many financial planning conversations  are driven by just one spouse or do not engage every family member that may be affected by the plan.  To make matters worse, those conversations often focus on only one area of your finances, excluding the tax, estate, and business implications. 

We address the first issue by actively involving both spouses, and/or other family members, using financial planning tools that seek to make your numbers transparent.  

And, because we have accounting, financial, valuation and other experts all working under the same roof, you get an integrated approach that assesses all areas of your financial life.

Our comprehensive financial planning services include:

  • Retirement planning
  • Risk management
  • Financial planning
  • Tax strategy
  • Assurance requirements
  • Accounting and advisory functions
  • Valuation considerations

A Process Set Apart

MRZ Financial realizes that your wealth and wealth building is not about money, it’s about what the money funds. Is it seeing the rare and wonderful? Helping a child buy their first home? Building a business legacy? Funding philanthropic goals? Are you not quite sure?

Our advisors lead you through a process to:
  1. Identify your passions and the wealth needed to fund them
  2. Design a plan to grow your wealth using world-class tools
  3. Adjust your plan as your needs change
  4. Freedom to enjoy your wealth and your life (end destination)

We start with people and their passions. We help identify possibilities and goals. Then we plan and manage to those goals. All with your needs guiding the process to get you to your financial freedom.

Explore the tools we utilize to guide the planning process here.