Risk Management

Risk Management Services
to Protect Your Future

People are the lifeblood of your company. Owners, senior leadership and key employees bring not only vision and guidance, but also generate a significant amount of revenue through their networks and connections. What happens when one of them is gone? For instance, if one of your business partners passed, how would the loss affect the company financially?

MRZ Financial’s risk management process identifies key leadership and employees, looks at the value they bring to the business, and helps you determine how you can prepare yourself in case of their departure.

Our risk management team can help you:
  • Review, set up and fund buy/sell agreements so you have a plan when a partner exits the business unexpectedly
  • Plan for the unexpected loss of a top executive, including key person insurance if necessary
  • Retirement planning
  • Plan in case of disability of the business owner or key leader

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Process and Tools

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